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Pineapple 7.01 – Santabarbaratown (part 2) [PSYCH]

These are spoilers! SPOILERS!

Okay, so remember the scene right after the bomb, when Shawn and Gus are eating the nachos? Pause there. The pineapple is small, maybe as tall as a kid’s finger, but i’m not gonna measure it. It’s in the top left hand side, just so you can’t miss it. There, victory is yours. Just kidding, it’s mine! All MINE!!!

But I will share if I have to…


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2 Thoughts to “Pineapple 7.01 – Santabarbaratown (part 2) [PSYCH]”

  1. Corinna

    I need to get me some of those pineapple slippers!

  2. Katie

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the post about my cat, Bill. It is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks again =)

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